Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP)

DRIP is an Externally Aided Project aimed to improve the safety and operational performance of dams and associated appurtenances of Irrigation Department along with institutional strengthening. DRIP Phase I started in 2012 with World Bank assistance was closed by March 2021. The funding pattern of 80:20 (80% World Bank loan and 20% state share) was later revised to 70:30. The sixteen dams included were Malampuzha Dam, Neyyar Dam, Peechi Dam, Walayar Dam, Kuttiyadi Dam, Kanjirapuzha Dam, Chimoni Dam, Malankara Dam, Kallada Dam, Pothundy Dam, Vazhani Dam, Meenkara Dam, Chulliyar Dam, Pazhassi Barrage, Bhoothathankettu Barrage (Periyar Valley Irrigation Project), Moolathara Regulator and associated appurtenances of Irrigation Department. The major achievements of DRIP Phase I were completion of rehabilitation works including civil, mechanical and electrical work of 13 dams, hydro mechanical renovation works of dams which helped to facilitate shutter operation in a better way during floods 2018 & 2019, reduction of seepage problems in dams, construction of Control rooms & Inspection Bungalow.


Government of India has initiated next phases, DRIP Phase II and Phase III of the project co- financed by International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) & Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The duration of Project is ten years, to be implemented in two Phases, each of six years’ duration with two years overlapping. The funding pattern is 70:30 (70% loan and 30% State share).

DRIP Phase II (2021-27)

Administrative Sanction was accorded by Government of Kerala for Rs 240 Crores vide G.O.(Rt)No.481/2020/WRD dated 22/07/2020 under the head of account 4701-80-800-70(P) for the components namely Rehabilitation works, Institutional strengthening, Tourism and Project Management. Loan Agreement & Project Agreement with IBRD was signed on 04.08.2021 and came into effect on 12/10/2021. Loan Agreement & Project Agreement with AIIB was signed on 19.05.2022 and came into effect on 29/12/2022. Rehabilitation of selected 15 dams/barrages viz. Malampuzha, Neyyar, Walayar, Kuttiyadi, Kanjirapuzha, Malankara, Kallada, Pothundy, Meenkara, Chulliyar, Pazhassi, Bhoothathankettu Barrage, Maniyar Barrage, Karapuzha and Mangalam are included in DRIP Phase II. Further, spillover works of  DRIP Phase I such as rehabilitation works of 3 dams viz. Kallada, Neyyar and Peechi, instrumentation of 16 dams and construction of Dam Safety Headquarters were also spilled over to DRIP Phase II.