Investigation Wing

The investigation of all major projects under the Irrigation Department, Government of Kerala is carried out with the concurrence of Investigation wing of IDRB. All important civil engineering projects like dams, reservoirs, tunnels, roads, bridges and buildings are constructed on rocks or on soils. It is, therefore, essential that the engineer should have the fullest knowledge possible of the strata or soil through which works of construction are to be carried out or on which these have to rest. When the geological characters of the site or of alignment are not properly investigated or interpreted, the structures might involve considerably higher costs. Not only that, but their stability might also be in question. Many a dam disasters, foundation failures in buildings, the collapse of bridges and tunnels were, on the subsequent study, found to be closely related to ignorance of geological conditions that existed in and around these structures.

The Joint Director, Hydrology of IDRB is in charge of this wing also. One Assistant Executive Engineer and two Assistant Engineers carry out the functions of this wing.