No. Head of Account with Name of Schemes Budget Estimate 2022-2023
(in rupees)
1 2701-80-005-92-00-00-00-P-V Modernisation of Hydrology Information System 10,000,000
2 2701-80-005-93-00-00-00-P-V Modernisation of Design Wing 20,000,000
3 2701-80-800-92-00-00-00-P-V Dam Safety Organisation & Dam Safety Measures 1,000,000
4 4700-29-800-97-00-00-00-P-V Dam & Appurtenant Works - Mullaperiyar Project 5,000,000
5 4700-80-005-99-01-00-00-P-V Investigation of Irrigation Schemes 2,750,000
  4700-80-005-99-02-00-00-P-V Investigation of Irrigation Schemes - Works 19,250,000
6 4700-80-800-97-01-00-00-P-V Dam Safety Organisation & Dam Safety Measures 3,273,000
  4700-80-800-97-02-00-00-P-V Dam Safety Organisation & Dam Safety Measures - Works 20,727,000
7 4701-80-800-69-00-00-00-P-V Flood Early Warning System 5,000,000
8 4701-80-800-70-00-00-00-P-V Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP PHASE II) 300,000,000
9 4701-80-800-81-00-00-00-P-V Bench Marking of Irrigation System 4,000,000
10 4701-80-800-88-00-00-00-P-V Formation of River Basin Organization 10,000,000
11 4701-80-800-96-00-00-00-P-V Post Facto Evaluation Studies 7,000,000
12 4701-80-800-99-00-34-03 Development of Kerala Engineering Research Institute - Stage II 10,000,000
  Total 418,000,000


Modernisation of Hydrology Information System

In order to have a realistic assessment of water resources in the State, IDRB is in the process of modernising existing Hydrology Information System with Real Time Data Acquisition System (RTDAS). During 2022-23 annual budget an amount of 100.00 lakh is set apart for the modernisation of hydro-meteorological stations and data collection of hydrometeorological stations. The scheme envisages hydro meteorological data collection from gauging stations established across Kerala river basins, maintenance of exiting gauging stations and establishing new stations, if necessary, and procurement of equipments for data collection, maintenance of infrastructure facilities for data validation, studies for integrated river basin management, capacity building programmes. Purchase will be done through GeM, Government of India or through suitable competitive bidding.

(Outlay :100.00lakh)

Modernisation of Design Wing

The scheme envisages modernization of irrigation department and infrastructure upgradation of IDRB. As part of modernization, conduct of training programmes, software development, up gradation of technical library, provision for electronic gadgets and internet connectivity, effective automation in online monitoring of dams, online design indent submission, modernization of quality control wing, digitization of drainage systems of each basin, online facility for submission of design proposal and development of software etc. are planned. Formation of Quality Control Data Manual, Modernisation of Quality control wing, setting up of labs, purchase of modern equipments for material testing labs, mobile quality control units etc are envisaged during 2022-23 annual budget an amount of 200.00 lakh is set apart for modernisation of design wing in annual budget 2022-23. Purchase of vehicle is not allowed under the scheme.

(Outlay :200.00lakh)

Dam Safety Organisation and Dam safety Measures

Inspection of dams, technical visit, attending training programmes, rectification of urgent emergency works and other dam safety works of dams under Irrigation Department are envisaged under this project. The outlay is provided for meeting the expenses in connection with conducting state level trainings/workshops, inspection of dams, preparation of inundation maps, dam break analysis, conducting repeated sedimentation study in reservoirs and for works connected with the safety of dams of the completed projects. The outlay is provided for dam safety works recommended by Dam safety Organisation and Kerala dam safety authority. The major dams and barrages under irrigation department includes Chimoni Dam, Kuttiyadi Dam, Pazhassi Dam, Peechi Dam, Periyar Valley Barrage, Kanjirapuzha Dam, Kallada Dam, Malampuzha Dam, Neyyar Dam, Pothundy Dam, Vazhani Dam, Pamba Barrage, Meenkara Dam, Chulliyar Dam, Walayar Dam, Mangalam Dam, Karapuzha, Malankara and other emergency works.It is also proposed to use the funds for the rectification works in minor dams like Poomala dam, Asurakund dam etc.Timely rectification works of dams, rectification of damages due to the floods etc. would be carried out.An outlay of 250.00 lakh is provided during 2022-23 for the above activities.

(Outlay :250.00lakh)

Dam & Appurtenant Works - Mullaperiyar Project

Government of Kerala has decided to construct a new dam in the place of the century old Mullaperiyar dam based on a detailed study conducted about the security of the existing dam. A special task force has prepared a DPR for constructing the new dam. The other studies/works included are model studies, dam break analysis, investigation for road way etc. Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change has approved Terms of Reference for Environment Impact Assessment study for the new Mullapperiyar Dam. The EIA study is under progress. Dam construction would be started only after obtaining all statutory clearances.An amount of 50.00 lakh is provided for the project during 2022-23.

(Outlay :50.00lakh)

Investigation of Irrigation Schemes

The objective of the scheme is investigation of new major and minor irrigation projects, preparation of project reports and also revision of project reports. The major activities include soil investigation works, desiltation study of dams, sedimentation study of various reservoirs etc. The sedimentation studies can be used for regulating the outflow of reservoirs.An amount of 220.00 lakh is set apart for the scheme during annual budget 2022-23.

(Outlay :220.00lakh)

Flood Early Warning System (FEWS)

Under the World Bank funded National Hydrology Project,IDRB is developing "Real Time Operation of Reservoirs integrated with flood forecasting and warning system for Periyar Basin".The accuracy of the forecasts depends on the real time hydro-met data received and the quality of topographical features. During 2022-23, it is proposed to establish more number of Real Time Hydro-Met stations and availability of high resolution (1m to 5m)DEMs.An outlay of 50.00 lakh is provided in budget 2022-23 for establishing the Flood Early Warning System (FEWS). The physical and financial progress of the scheme will be reviewed at the Secretary level and an action plan will be charted for completion of project.

(Outlay :50.00lakh)

Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project DRIP Phase II

DRIP Phase II, launched during 2019-20, received in principal approval from Central Water Commission. 15 dams are selected for Phase II - (Malampuzha, Neyyar, Walayar, Kuttiyadi, Kanjirapuzha, Chimoni, Malankara, Kallada, Pothundy, Meenkara, Chulliyar, Pazhassi barrage, Bhoothahankettu barrage, Mangalam, Karapuzha and Pamba). DSRP inspections were conducted for 9 dams and Project Screening Templates approved for 6 dams. The funding pattern is 70:30 (70% World Bank loan and 30% state share). Government of Kerala has accorded DRIP phase II Administrative Sanction for 24000.00 lakh. For the activities under DRIP Phase II, an outlay of 3000.00 lakh is provided during annual budget 2022-23.

(Outlay :3000.00lakh)

Benchmarking of Irrigation system

Benchmarking is a management tool helps in the evaluation of individual irrigation system and suggests methods to improve the system. It is used to compare the processes with the best practices and to adopt suitable ones. In the irrigation system, this would improve the efficiency of the system and result in savings in water usage. Bench marking for effective irrigation management is introduced with the objective of identifying the best management practices, prioritizing and evaluating rehabilitation and remodeling of projects with an objective to improve irrigation efficiency. Benchmarking of the irrigation systems in Kerala would go a long way in increasing the efficiency of the system. Interventions for repairs, rectifications and improvements would be prioritized based on the report of the benchmarking exercise. All the completed irrigation projects would be brought under benchmarking process in a phased manner.During 2022-23, it is proposed to take up benchmarking of Chitturpuzha, Malampuzha and Peechi irrigation Projects along with a decision support system for effective distribution of water for irrigation.An outlay of 40.00 lakh is provided in budget 2022-23.

(Outlay :40.00lakh)

Formation of River Basin Organisation

The basin wise development of all the rivers of the state shall be taken up in a phased manner which includes survey and demarcation of rivers, river side afforestation, works related to pollution abatement in rivers, riverside protection works, assessing carrying capacity etc. A river basin approach has to be followed in assessing the availability of water resources and their optimal utilization integrating it with the various needs in the command area. It will address the issues of soil conservation, pollution control, flood control, optimum usage of water resources in the river, sand budgeting of rivers in Kerala and long term conservation of rivers. To have a holistic approach for the rejuvenation of a river basin, the impact of sea erosion/ accretion needs to be assessed. To analyse the behavior of coastal area and its impact on the river basin, data collection of coastal areas and its connected activities,are proposed under the scheme.An outlay of 100.00 lakh is provided during annual budget 2022-23 under the scheme. The physical and financial progress of the scheme will be reviewed at the Secretary level and an action plan will be charted for completion of project

(Outlay :100.00lakh)

Post Facto Evaluation Studies

It is observed that there has been undue delay in implementation of irrigation projects in the state and the outlay is provided to conduct monitoring (concurrent as well as final evaluation) of all ongoing and completed irrigation projects, major, medium and minor including micro irrigation implemented in the state through Third Party agency. Monitoring and Evaluation of Irrigation Projects including concurrent monitoring will help to improve the efficiency of irrigation projects. An independent and highly competent accredited agency, preferably in the government sector (other than Kerala Government) or Public Sector Undertaking outside Government of Kerala, which has substantial experience in the field, will be selected through competitive bidding. This agency will do the concurrent evaluation of all irrigation projects, and will undertake the final evaluation of completed projects. The indicative areas to be covered in the M&E procedure include adherence to time and cost, project appraisal and quality of DPR, different processes involved in formulation and implementation, and the accrued/accruable benefits of the projects may be evaluated vis-a-vis the initial objectives of each project. Through this study the socio economic benefits from the irrigation projects will be analysed in detail. An amount of 70.00 lakh is earmarked for this purpose in budget 2022-23. The progress achieved in this regard will be reviewed at the secretary level as the scheme is in vogue from 2021-22.

(Outlay :70.00lakh)

Development of Kerala Engineering Research Institute (KERI), Peechi- Stage II

Kerala Engineering Research Institute (KERI), Peechi is the research institute under Water Resources Department for undertaking research activities on project design and irrigation systems. The outlay is provided for the development of the institute such as procurement of modern equipments, up gradation of equipments, purchase of software and active utilisation of its available potential. The overall objective is to improve the infrastructure of labs. It is also envisaged to increase revenue generation through testing of materials. During 2022-23 annual budget, it is proposed to carry out routine activities of KERI, Peechi, Conducting training, seminars and material testing. During annual budget 2022-23 an amount of 100.00 lakh is provided for activities like, upgradation of labs, modernisation and ongoing schemes of KERI, Thrissur.

(Outlay :100.00lakh)